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Dairy Husbandry

A little bit of history against today

Having succeeded in seed breeding, our specialists got really enthusiastic about another new line of business. Namely since 2007 they started developing dairy husbandry. Since that time we sell milk wholesale and increase the sales annually.

This new line of our business we started from buying one abundant almost destroyed dairy farm in Kotelnikovo village. In 2007 its revival was began.The reconstruction went on without a break, and as a result in a year instead of bushy ruins there was created a modern dairy farm.

While the farm was being built, our managers bought bred heifers from Hungary and Holland. The farm started milk production in the end of 2008 .The first milk produced was sold to the local milkprocessing factories.

At the very beginning the productivity was not high. But our specialists did their best to increase the population of the livestock and the quality of the milk.

In autumn of 2011 the farm was granted the Holstein nucleus reproducer status. Today the livestock of the farm counts about 550 forage-fed cows and 450 young fat stock of different ages. The whole livestock is pure bred and belongs to Holstein-Friesian breed. The daily average productivity of one cow is about 25-27 liters of milk. The whole farm produces from 10 to 11 tons of milk every day. Our specialists are doing their best to improve the average productivity of every cow up to 8500 liters annually.

The highest quality of the produced milk is also achieved due to the modern equipment. Purchasing our milk, the buyer can be sure of its highest quality, which is controlled by the laboratory (fat, protein concentration and SCS (Somatic cells score) are controlled).

Today the process of production on the farm is a complete closed cycle. There are 5 detached buildings, each for milk cows, dry cows and young cows. The calves are kept separately, the contact with each other is excepted, which provides their health.

All 5 buildings are connected with each other by the gallery, so that the cows do not contact the outdoor environment. The cows are being milked 3 times a day. The floor or the gallery is covered with a special rough material, so that the animals can walk safely without any danger to fall down and get injured. The lactorium "Европараллель 2/12" is provided with the most recent equipment by the Swedish company “Delaval”.

On our farm the animals are kept according to free-stall housing system and are divided into several groups according to physical condition and lactation period. Due to this division our specialists can control the whole group of animals.

The animals are fed twice a day according to a special well-balanced ration, which contains up to 10 components for every group of cows. Also every cow is kept in a separate box ,where it has a comfortable bed, covered with soft carpet and a special brush for scratching.

So all in all, our experience has shown that innovations allow to increase the productivity dramatically. Our professional team applies the most recent world experience to the local conditions of production. All these efforts enable to strengthen and enlarge the material and technical facilities for the stable development of the animal farming not only in Medvenskiy and Oboyanskiy districts? But in Kursk region on the whole.

We are glad to offer the following grain varieties and their generations (2015):

Grain Variety Generation
Winter wheat Moskovskayia 56 Pre basic
Moskovskayia 56 Basic
Moskovskayia 56 1-st generation
Moskovskayia 40 Pre basic
Moskovskayia 40 Basic
Moskovskayia 40 Pre basic
Moskovskayia 40 Basic
Moskovskayia 40 1-st generation
Ermak Basic
Rostovchanka 5 Basic
GROM Pre-basic
Barley Explorer 2-nd generation
Overtur 2-nd generation
Despina 2-nd generation
Flex Lirina 2-nd generation