Trading House Russkiy Yachmen:

+7-920-706-33-30 Чирков Александр Александрович
+7-920-720-11-14 Клевцов Андрей Дмитриевич
+7-920-720-11-17 Щербаков Алексей Сергеевич
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Focus areas of our business are

We produce and sell commercial grain and seeds

We realize the program of breeding malting barley seed varieties.

We distribute plant protection products by BASF, DUPONT, SYNGENTA, BAYER.

We take part in the sales on the Russian grain market

We cooperate with SunInBev Russia, Bunge, Heineken Russia, EFES, Cargill, Miratorg, Belaya Ptitsa, Stoilenskaya Niva and Prioskolie companies.

We are glad to offer the following grain varieties and their generations of our own (2015):

Grain Variety Generation
Winter wheat Moskovskayia 56 Pre basic
Moskovskayia 56 Basic
Moskovskayia 56 1-st generation
Moskovskayia 40 Pre basic
Moskovskayia 40 Basic
Moskovskayia 40 Pre basic
Moskovskayia 40 Basic
Moskovskayia 40 1-st generation
Ermak Basic
Rostovchanka 5 Basic
GROM Pre-basic
Barley Explorer 2-nd generation
Overtur 2-nd generation
Despina 2-nd generation
Flex Lirina 2-nd generation

The seeds are packed in Big-bags, 800 kg each, and according to the wish of the customer, the seeds can be treated with fungicide or insecticide.

For detailed information contact us:
+79202624448,fax +7(4712)770053
Tolkunov Alexandr. E-mail: